Taste sensation!…Out of a box

I thought it would be days before I could get back to one of my favourite pastimes: eating chocolate. But as luck would have it (a very rainy afternoon, a bored three-year-old and a refusing-to-nap one-year-old to entertain, recovery from the tonsillectomy well and truly making such pleasures possible), my first foray back into the beautiful land of chocolate came in the form of this box.


Luckily, we had the 50grams of butter and egg required and we let Mlle Ancel’s handy pack of cookie mixture do the rest.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The pain is definitely dying down (and it’s not just the drugs talking) and I managed to swallow a whole two cookies without wincing as they found their way past my tonsil-free throat. In fact, they were bloody delicious. Call me an easy customer (the occasional bit of toast has been as exciting as it has got for me this last week) but these totally hit my spot. The kids loved them too.

Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.


About Hunter Mum

Two young babes in arms, I am a survivor in the jungle of London and a lover of most things chocolate...Please join me on my adventures!
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