Food is love

I don’t mean to be a tonsillectomy bore. But if you’ve read my last few posts I hope you’ll understand why I am so excited that I am almost over the whole ordeal of the recovery.

The boyf came back from work early today and (as we had a babysitter looking after the girls) we nipped across to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford for a brief fling with consumerism. It was quite exciting to have a couple of kid-free hours ahead of us. Dare I call a trip to a mega-mall a tad romantic?

We don’t get out much, no.

If you’ve ever been to Westies, you might have felt baffled by the almost endless food choices offered. Now times that sentiment by about a million and you might come close to how I felt today. We are talking can’t-make-yer-flipping-mind-up confused.

Not the point. The point is I ended up ordering a Vietnamese rice noodle dish with prawns and chicken and I was able to eat it (not much of it but gme a break-tummy has, thankfully, shrunk) and not screw my face up into an agonised ball of tortured human mass with every mouthful.

In fact it was bloody delicious.

I am (almost) cured of the pain from the op and I am starting to eat again. And the best part is I now have no tonsils. Hurrah.


About Hunter Mum

Two young babes in arms, I am a survivor in the jungle of London and a lover of most things chocolate...Please join me on my adventures!
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