Corned beef resolutions

I took the girls to our local greasy spoon for lunch.

My unfortunate decision to do so was not exactly what I could describe as my fault. And yet it would be untrue to say I was taken there under any form of duress.

My daughters’ friend and mum asked if we wanted to go after we picked the kids up from nursery. And it felt somehow antisocial to turn down the invite. Plus, I have to admit I was strangely intrigued about having lunch in a greasy spoon (to my mind the kind of place reserved for the worst kinds of hangovers). So off we went.

But…It was raining heavily. I had no rain cover for the buggy, no brolly, no handbag (so no wipes, nappies, bribes, nor lipstick) and I knew immediately that we should instead be heading home. This was a stupid idea and the alternative prospect of an afternoon of CBeebies suddenly had genuine allure. But the mum might think I was a weirdo if I changed my mind mid-way. And Madame would no doubt have a tantrum. Not worth it.


So there we were, sitting in the greasy spoon. I had little sis on my lap but she was wriggling around and crying, clearly desperate to be toddling around. I was pretty soggy and looking to the unappetising menu options for inspiration. And of all those options, I made the most bizarre decision to order a corned beef salad. Bizarre on several levels: I have eaten corned beef maybe twice in my life, and salad would hardly be a usual greasy spoon choice. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I ate it all. Plus quite a bit of big girl’s over-zealous order of sausage, egg and chips.

Needless to say I have been feeling a tad unwell for the rest of the day. Not even the Gu After Dark Hot Chocolate Souffle I had this evening has properly cleansed my tastebuds.

I will only make good food choices from now on.


About Hunter Mum

Two young babes in arms, I am a survivor in the jungle of London and a lover of most things chocolate...Please join me on my adventures!
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