‘Tis the Seaon for Art (yes, and to be jolly)

Contrary to conclusions one could (justifiably) come to based on my recent posts, my life is not just about my latest, nor my next, chocolate fix.

I have spent the last two evenings hob-nobbing with local Hackney artists and have switched poison: from chocolate to alcohol. Which, fyi, also rocks.

Friday night I went to the opening of this weekend’s open studios at the invitingly named Chocolate Factory in Stoke Newington. I saw some brilliant ceramics by a French artist, had an inspirational chat with a man who creates sensory spaces for children inside schools (unfortunately not in Hackney), and had my eye on a neon-coloured print of a camera for the boyf. I drank red wine, ate pleasingly salty peanuts and crisps, and even a few dark chocolate digestives.

Last night I was at the opening of a pop up shop at The Old Dentist’s surgery (now an events and exhibition space) on Chatsworth Road. As the story goes, the “dentist” who once practiced there was taken to court for a minor offence of some sort and it came out during the trial that he wasn’t a properly qualified dentist after all. Apparently when the current owner of the space took it over, it had blood spattered on the ceiling. Although my Little Shop of Horrors version of the story is at least third hand, it only adds to my suspicion of dentists.

The night: Fairy lights, a Xmas tree, hand crafted jewellery, prints, cushions and cards, guitar strumming and lots of fizz and mince pies. A perfect evening (without children) to warm the soul and get into the Christmas spirit.

We need to source a Christmas tree. I am hoping we can find a very big one to bring the smell of Christmas into our house.

Pomanders, Christmas wreaths, shiny decorations, prepare yourselves. I’m coming to get you!


About Hunter Mum

Two young babes in arms, I am a survivor in the jungle of London and a lover of most things chocolate...Please join me on my adventures!
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